In these challenging times, it’s time for the brave to lead.

COVID-19 will continue to segregate us and have extreme effects on the economy. Now, more than ever, the world needs creativity to thrive. It’s time to use our creative minds in these crazy times and wake the nation. Thuma mina. Send me.

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Pick a brief. Solve a real problem. Unite Africa Middle East.

As creatives, problem-solving comes naturally. Let’s put that skill to work in this time of need and help those affected most by the COVID-19 crisis. Download a brief and send your creative solution to A brighter day is coming – be a part of the change.

Help the elderly

How do we support and care for the elderly and those in isolation at this time?

Dealing with isolation

How do we help people who are really struggling with isolation?

Supplement education

How do we supplement education at this time, particularly for learners with no access to the internet? How do we keep children stimulated.

Support small businesses

How do we support our network of local small businesses? Especially at a time of local shutdown.

Make public transport safer

How do we keep people safe when using public transport, making commuters more aware of how they can protect themselves.

Boost community morale

How do we boost community spirit & morale in this isolating time?

Have a suggestion for a brief?

Submit your brief idea via email to

We’re calling on brands to make real change.

Big, small or start-up, every brand needs a purpose. Now is the perfect opportunity to deliver on one – thuma mina – be the change-maker. We’re challenging brands to take on creative solutions from the creative community and bring them to life, in ways that create shared value in these crazy times.

Creatives – this time, it’s not about the award. It’s about doing good.

We’re calling on the young, the old, the scholar, the worker, anyone and everyone to put their minds and skills to work in this time of need. If a brand loves your solution, you’ll not only be fighting against the spread of COVID-19, but you’ll also be rewarded. If you’ve ever wondered how important your role is as a creative, now is when you’ll find out. We aim to solve problems – are you ready for a real test?

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