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How do we supplement education at this time, particularly for learners with no access to internet?

How do we keep children stimulated?


Give children access to a virtual teacher to teach, and test their skills every day for the extent of the lockdown/isolation period.

10 minutes is the chosen period as it is enough time to teach a simple skill/lesson while maintaining the focus of the student. We also chose to limit cellphone time as many learners will be using their parents phones.


This approach can function as either a stand-alone education platform or further enhanced by rewards- based learning. Rewards will be given to students based on their participation and success during the week.

Rewards can include; airtime/data, shopping vouchers, cash etc.

Virtual Teacher

Your virtual teacher is accessed through a simple USSD and callback service;

  1. Learners dial a dedicated USSD string.

  2. They enter their name, and select their grade and preferred language.

  3. They then receive a ‘callback’ from their virtual teacher.

The Lesson

The teacher advises the student to have the necessary resources ready and take them through a 10 minute lesson for the day.

The lesson will be followed by 3 – 5 questions which the student will be given multiple choice answers from which to choose an answer from.

At the end of the lesson the student will be given a total score for the day, reminded to keep safe during the lock down and encouraged to join the next days lesson.

The Classroom

Lessons will be available for grades 4 – 7.

Lessons will be available in English, isiZulu, IsiXhosa and Afrikaans.

Everyday a different subject will be taught;


Monday: Numeracy

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Numeracy

Thursday: Literacy

Friday: Numeracy


Awareness around the 10 Minute Teacher offering will be done through;

Community and commercial radio

• Spaza stores (snapper frames)

• News (SABC)

• Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

• Brand CRM: SMS database.

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