Submitted by: Harvard Letsoalo

Brief: Boosting Community Morale

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Looking at content doing the rounds on social media, one sees an influx of, although relevant (and necessary in some cases), depressing news about: increased COVID-19 stats, brutality at the hands of those entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring safety and fake news to name a few.

What we don’t see as much and could do with, is that sharable content that puts a smile on our faces, that makes us laugh and lightens the mood.

I strongly believe all is not lost and that we will come out of this as conquerors and victors.


1.The challenge will revolve around an “audience”/ the public recording a short video of themselves, performing a short comedy skit/clip.


2.The “audience”/public would then be required to upload the video on the brand’s social media pages/platforms (whichever brand this idea would appeal to), using a given hashtag.

3.Based on social media engagement, the brand would then choose their top 5 (for that period, however often the brand would want to do this).

Once the top 5 have been chosen, they would “go live” against each other on the brand’s social media pages and based on social media engagement, the one with the least votes (or whichever means that will be used to determine ranking) would be eliminated.

The elimination would happen each week until a winner is chosen and that winner will be crowned that particular brand’s social media king.

This challenge could then be started over again (i.e Round 2) and maybe at the end of the determined rounds, the champions of each round would go head to head until the ultimate champion is crowned.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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