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Submitted by: Defining Gratitude

Brief: Support Small Businesses

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The Covid-19 crisis has left many people in our society feeling scared and vulnerable. Reports of a global recession and crashing markets leaves cause for major concern among everyday South Africans, making it necessary for the country to find ways to revive people’s confidence.

Despite the South African government's introduction of a number of relief measures for SMEs, owners remain uncertain about the growth or survival of their businesses.

As an agency that was established for the purpose of providing support to SMEs, Defining Gratitude has headed the call to try and find a creative solution that helps the most vulnerable businesses in our society.

There are so many Covid-19 initiatives in South Africa, that people have started becoming wary about which programmes are legit and which are potential money-making scams.


Due to the national lockdown and people’s fears of contracting the Coronavirus, consumers have become restricted to the confines of their homes and supermarket brands that offer delivery services are experiencing high demands of their online sales products.

Rebrand a supermarket’s highest selling products as ‘Covid-19 fundraising items’ and add mark-up costs which will be used to support small businesses. Product sales should be associated to certain business types, and proceeds of those sales should be allocated to appropriate SMEs.


SMEs will need to qualify for funding and once they’ve been accepted, they’ll be categorised by business type so that they can be allocated with the correct funding.

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