#Day X

Submitted by: Arba Stature

Brief: Isolation

Original submission


In isolation, people are taking to the internet. Vital news and information is being shared online, most notably on social media. Communities are rallying to help each other survive the worst of the pandemic’s effects. We often complain about never having enough time for our hobbies. We can now use this time to write that book, learn that instrument or master that recipe we’ve always wanted to.


#DayX is about remembering that our goals still matter. Beyond boosting morale, #DayX is about focusing on positivity, self-improvement and birthing post-pandemic individuals who have conquered fear. We hope to spark impactful ingenuity - a new Renaissance.


Day X is about marking each day with small wins. Boredom breeds creativity. With millions of people self-isolated, there is an abundance of creative energy that could be positively harnessed to boost global morale. It’s a #CANdemic. Let’s use this time to upskill individuals.

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