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Brief: Boosting Community Morale

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According to, in order to maintain balance during lockdown, one should keep a daily routine, acknowledge your feelings, find things to do to keep yourself busy and stay connected with loved ones using technology.

People on social media have been sharing a lot of interactive posts on facebook – posts that prompt a comment/reply response from other users. Using this information, we want to create a way for people to share a collective experience through an app.


The Den app is an activity/goal tracker that exists to help users create content to share with friends on social media.

The Den app allows users to create and share content depending on their personal goals or mood. Activities are chosen based on how the user feels or what the user’s goal for the day is. The Den app gives users suggestions on how to reach their chosen goals and then allows them to share the results with their friends and social media easily.


After logging in, the app would first ask the user to choose a mood between 9 different options. Once a mood is picked, the app would record it as part of a daily mood diary with the option to give a comment. The user can also skip picking a mood.

If the user does choose a mood, the app would later use this to give suggestions on how to deal with your feeling - for example, if you choose ‘frustrated’, you will get the suggestion to workout and give the user multiple at-home workouts they can do with video links. The way that the app would suggest you deal with the feeling would be based on what is normally recommended by experts.

In this case, the user has chosen to “have fun” by completing the “whipped coffee” activity. The screen will load the content (which could be videos as well as step-by-step articles linked by the app). The content used would need to be used with permission or volunteered by creators.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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