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The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Busara) is an advisory and research organization focused on the evaluation and implementation of behavioral, economic, and social interventions in the Global South.

In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic we propose to focus on the following core priorities:

  1. Making public transportation safer

  2. Dealing with isolation

  3. Supporting small businesses/ service providers


Dealing with isolation:We will target both the demand side (individuals) and supply side (health providers) in the following ways:

  • Individuals

- Create social circles that encourage individuals to self identify (students, care-givers, etc) and seek out supportive safe virtual communities through which individuals can express themselves

- Empower individuals to self evaluate and link them to appropriate health providers if/as needed.

- Allow users to change their social circles as their disease status evolves (e.g. untested with no symptoms, untested with symptoms, under quarantine, confirmed positive, confirmed negative, carriers, recovered, etc), providing supportive safe virtual communities through which individuals can express themselves

- Provide targeted messages in collaboration with health providers to encourage individuals in various social circles

- Allow users to rate their experiences when interacting with providers

  • Health providers

- Whitelist health providers onto the platform

- Provide virtual consultation rooms through which individuals can speak with health providers

In addition, we will also generate analyses to showcase improvements patient outcomes, targeted for specific state and non-state actors as indicated below:

  • Health providers

- Unearth patient segments and how to optimize treatment outcomes in line with behavioral nudges deployed

  • Governments (local and national)

- Share aggregated analysis on outcomes (e.g. number of patients treated, number of consultations, influence of nudges on patient/provider behavior, etc)

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