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The Busara Center for Behavioral Economics (Busara) is an advisory and research organization focused on the evaluation and implementation of behavioral, economic, and social interventions in the Global South.

In the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic we propose to focus on the following core priorities:

  1. Making public transportation safer

  2. Dealing with isolation

  3. Supporting small businesses/ service providers


We will target both the demand side (commuters) and supply side (transport providers) in the following ways:

Prior to travel

  • Enable commuters to indicate their preferred travel times

  • Provide recommendations / advice to: - Commuters on safe locations, safe transport options, best times to travel , times that public transport will arrive at designated stops, check in at respective terminal and vehicles, alternative ways to purchase tickets, what to expect while in transit or at their final destination, checklists to confirm that transport options are COVID-19 ready before boarding , etc

  • Transport providers on how to keep their commuters ‘safe’ while in transit, safe routes (based on available data), etc

We will target both the demand side (commuters) and supply side (transport providers) in the following ways:

During travel

  • Issue precautionary measures that commuters and transport providers can take to keep themselves (and others) safe while in transit, what do to if they (or others) show symptoms, etc

  • Share real-time updates based on any changing conditions based on access to COVID-19 data

  • Identify the location of closest medical facilities where they can access further treatment, contact numbers of health providers, police, etc

  • Enable access to emergency contact information and protocols in the event that these are required during travel

Upon arrival

- Invite users (commuters and transport providers) to rate their experiences.

In addition, we will also generate analyses to showcase improvements to transportation outcomes, targeted for specific state and non-state actors as indicated below:

  • Supply side (transport providers)

- Unearth commuter segments and how to optimize transportation options, cash flow and fleet management in line with commuter preferences and response in line with behavioral nudges deployed

  • Governments (local and national)

- Share aggregated outcome data (e.g. booking rates, number of persons transported, preferred transportation options, value of payments, number of providers in compliance with COVID-19 precaution measures, influence of nudges on commuter/transporter behavior, etc)

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