Submitted by: Tushi Mashimbye

Brief: Supplement Education

Original submission


During the lockdown, a number of solutions for the educational system have come to life through making the syllabus available online, accessible through tablets and computers at schools. However, for those less fortunate, it serves little help especially in the formative years of childhood development of 0-8 years

(Tierney & Nelson, Brain Development & Role of experience in early years).


A WhatsApp bot that would send a game to the parents for the children to play in return of R10 as the child succeeds/progresses in the game.



With digital natives being describe as the generation of people who have grown in an era technology. Grade R-3 form as part of them with Prensky’s (investopedia, 2009) call on to change in the way children are taught, so they can learn in a language they’re familiar with.


To developing an a new form of learning, by incorporating game literacy to the well used app of whatsapp. Through the app, phones will be feature aspects that will teach different subjects.

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