Helping Medical Workers

Submitted by: Mama

Brief: Supporting those on the front line


Medical workers are our country’s first line of defense. During this time, they are facing extreme conditions and they are taking care of everyone. But no one is taking care of them.


Let’s make their lives easier and show them we care:

  • Let’s get their groceries delivered to them so they don’t have to worry about the little things. Ready made meals would be very helpful

  • Let’s give them accomodation close to work so they don’t have to travel long distances and can isolate them from their families so they don’t spread any germs

  • Let’s get them the vitamins and medicine they need to keep strong during this time

Let’s keep them healthy so they don’t succumb to the virus themselves.


Let’s ask medical what assistance or supplies they need

We assign these to relevant partners and ensure they are delivered to them.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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