Submitted by: Ricardo Mesquita

Brief: Isolation

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We are living in difficult times and now more than ever we need to stick together by separating ourselves in isolation.

Our President has spoken and we have listened, it is time to combat this virus by breaking the chain of infection. This will be difficult and this will test us emotionally and even physically. So let's make the most of it and start a virtual campaign.


A campaign to encourage people to stay home. The idea is to create an “isojam”- a short clip of you singing or dancing along to your favourite song. Then post it on Instagram, Facebook, Tik-Tok.


To get the campaign off the ground recruit local celebrities to post their own “isojam”. Get them to start the process and encourage everyone to take part. It is all about representing your household.

Step 1: Go onto

Step 2: Type in your name, suburb and street.

Step 3: Record your skillful video.

Step 4: Post using the supplied template, which will then transition in to your video with the last section going to a black screen with the sentence – “I am saving lives, how about you?”

We need to keep these videos PG and remember you are representing your household, street and neighbourhood.

• Post as many times as you like.

• You can view your friends, family and even your neighbour. Battle it up but play fair and keep it clean.

• All videos will be visible on our website and we will choose the very best and share this on multiple advertising platforms. (With your consent)

To bring this idea to life email us.

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