Submitted by: Gil Smadja

Brief: Isolation

Original submission


Majority of South Africans are struggling to stay indoors during national lockdown Lack of space in townships, shared rooms, and overcrowded homes result in frustration at staying indoors. So they don’t. Walking around, visiting friends, and playing outside unintentionally undoes all the progress our Country is making in fighting this virus.


We want to bring our puzzles to hundreds of thousands of homes across South Africa. 500 piece puzzles (A3) that will keep people happy, entertained and challenged for days. These are no ‘stilllife of fruit’ puzzles. We create contemporary art, built through puzzles.


This is an opportunity to involve young and veteran South African artists, so that once your puzzle is completed you have a beautiful piece of art to brighten up your space. Distribute these artwork puzzles within townships, free of charge, giving people an exciting, compelling reason to stay indoors. Every Jiggle package consists of: x1 500 piece puzzle x1 Instructions, in multiple languages x1 Image of the final artwork to copy x1 Tube of glue * *so that the puzzle becomes a permanent piece of art once completed and glued to board.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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