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In the wake of Covid-19, disinfecting surfaces on a large scale have become necessary to remove any traces of the virus.

DGE ( is local (South African) designer and manufacturer of misting canons, currently being used in the mining and process applications.

Misting canons has been used worldwide in large scale disinfecting of large populated areas.


We are local manufacturers and could assist in design, manufacturing and managing a complete disinfecting project on a national scale in support of the current pandemic.

Further to this implementation, I believe a lot of the units can have applications after this event or even be sold to industry to recover funds.


  • To be used in large scale rural disinfection, especially where rubbish heaps are brewing places for viruses. Can be more effective than currently being used in high rise building areas.

  • Units can be used for long periods after lockdown to disinfect rural areas on a continuous basis.

Other options after use:

  • Rent fleet to African countries with same challenges

  • Sell of into the market (mining) to recover some costs

What Kind of Partner would you need?

  • Government

  • Netcare

  • Sanral

  • Fire department (to transport the machinery)

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