Submitted by: Emma Strydom

Brief: Education

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Online school that focuses on ECD through interactive play learning.

Our aim is to broadcast online and on TV (perhaps SABC) to reach even the most under-resourced children and make learning accessible, engaging and fun.

We focus on the following subjects:

1. Reading

2. Writing

3. Memory

4. Shapes

5. Counting

6. Art

7. Social Studies


We would like to have 10 min animations of each lesson to go on TV and online. Each 10 min lesson will include a segment of each subject.

Lesson 1:

3x reading activities/lessons

2x writing activities/lessons

2x memory activities/lessons

2x shapes activities/lessons

2x counting activities/lessons

1x art activity/lesson

1x social study activity/lesson

We have turned the letters of the alphabet into characters that will guide and encourage kids through their journey. This forms the basis for the creative concept and is the key thread behind all our interactive learning.

By animating our engagements for TV and online, we can add other fun elements like sound effects, talking effects and celebration. MALminds can work perfectly for our current situation with Covid 19 and lockdown but it has great potential to last and work beyond that. A lot of people still didnʼt have access to engaging and inspiring ECD and early school programs. We have animator partners who can bring our MALminds to life. All classes are rolled out and ready. Plenty of room for expansion for any future partners.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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