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Submitted by: Annegret & Mpumi

Brief: Isolation

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In the wake of Covid-19, masks are in short supply. People are also reluctant to wear masks, because they believe it won’t curb the spread of Covid-19.


Mobilising communities is the most effective way to create awareness and trust. Involving key members of different communities in the production, distribution and promotion of masks will build empowerment amongst South Africans to be proactive in protecting their health. It will empower SME’s across different communities and at the same time create word of mouth campaigning about how we can protect and support each other during this time.

When we see each other wearing masks, and we customise them to become part of our fashion, we will create talking points making it easier for us to speak about the virus. The masks will help us break taboos or misinformation about Covid19. They will act as reminders that we are all in this together to support each others health and the financial health of our SME communities.


We will issue an open brief to SA’s artist, creative and influencer communities, Fashion Weeks, Press, SME’s and CMT’s prioritising those operating out of townships across SA activating SA’s most creative, capable and vulnerable communities to work together to manage COVID19 crisis.

The entrepreneurs, SMEs and CMTs will receive finance, the mask pattern and the materials to produce the masks. They will mobilise their networks of machinists, tailors and even homeworker mama’s with sewing machines to become essential service providers for the mask production.

The masks will be distributed for free in townships via Spaza shops, made available to the wider SA communities and key workers on the frontline via retailers, healthcare and government networks.

Any individual, family or community that can, will be encouraged to make their own masks at home this includes the creatives and influencers for the highly customised pieces that will activate the social media campaign.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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