Submitted by: TBWA + Kholofelo Mamabolo

Brief: Helping the elderly

Original submission


Many people still fetch their SASSA social grants in person, in long lines, which makes social distancing impossible and helps to spread the COVID-19 virus.


MTN can partner with SASSA to make the MOMO app and it’s USSD format, available as a way for people to instantly receive their grants and use it as a wallet they can use at stores


MTN partner with SASSA to use MOMO to deliver social grants.

  1. Send out messaging about how you can receive your grants safer and use your grant money safely without using cash.

  2. MOMO does require phone number, ID, and personal information for verification.

  3. Deliver social grants to people instantly on the day that they need them ( The first of the month).

  4. Allow them to use the wallet and if possible extend the application to other network users for the duration of the pandemic

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