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Submitted by: Jacques Bezuidenhout

Original submission


In South Africa, we do food. We do food really well. We’re a food-do nation. We’re also a nation that unites during difficult times and we help by doing things for those in need.

For thousands of South Africans in informal settlements, coronavirus restrictions have made access to food even more unstable. Now is the time for brands to take action and help those in need. Let’s live up to our reputation of being a DO nation. Let’s be the Food DO-Nation and donate food to help feed South Africans in need and boost community morale.


When the 2008 financial recession hit, some brands died and others thrived. It is the brands that stayed the course, innovated and protected their business, that survived and thrived through the tough times.

This idea calls for MR D FOOD to innovate by introducing brand utility that could unite the people of South Africa, create job opportunities and help those in need of food during the lockdown period. We have the opportunity to flip the “D: to a “C” and introduce a food collection service where neighbourhoods across South Africa can donate canned and essential foods during the lockdown period.


There are 3360 households in Linden. Imagine if we could get 50% of these households in this one neighbourhood to donate food to communities in need. We could feed about 1680 households in an informal settlement. Now imagine if we get neighbourhoods across South Africa to participate and donate on the MR D FOOD app.

Let’s boost community morale by enabling South Africans to take collective action to help those in need, donating food on the MR D FOOD app. Creating this utility for the brand, neighbourhoods across South Africa can send collection notifications to MR D FOOD Drivers to collect canned and essential food donations.

The donated food will be dropped off in areas that are heavily impacted by the strict lockdown regulations. MR D FOOD should collaborate with our South African Government and partner with the City Councils of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban to set up Food Donation drop off zones in communities that need it most.

Collections will be safe and contactless. Users will only pay a collection fee for drivers to collect the donated food. This idea could secure the jobs of drivers until the lockdown period is over.

When users land on the MR D FOOD app landing page, users will be able to select the MR D FOOD Collections option operating in their nearest neighbourhood.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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