Mzansi Mealtime

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Brief: Isolation

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How do we help people really struggling with isolation?

Situational Insight: Due to the global health crisis people are disconnected and at home. And even beyond this, many residents live apart from their families and have only few opportunities throughout the year, and even then sometimes not, to see each other and spend quality time together.

Category Insight: People are home cooking more than ever and rediscovering their love, and skills, for cooking.

Human need: To stay connected with people around us, our family and society.

Cultural Insight: Food is a big part of South African culture. Food is linked to our heritage, our community and the spirit of coming together and authentic connection, sharing.


Mzansi Mealtime is a series of social cooking classes on Facebook Video Group Chat or Zoom hosted by local chefs across the country.

Groups of people will follow the step-by-step instructions, enjoy light conversation and finally sit down and share a meal together, in no more than an hour.

The 20 minute meals will be quick to prepare and cook but will also allow participants to share their cooking secrets with others to create truly communal dishes.

And, for participating people will also be giving back to those in need.


The Classes

Our chefs will lead the participants through simple-to-follow recipes for traditional South African dishes and modern twists on passed- down favourites.

The classes will take 20+- minutes from preparation to cooking time.

At the end of the cooking class participants will be encouraged to sit down and share their meal together (virtually).

Giving Back

Cook a meal, give a meal.

To give people a chance to give back through participation and further inspire engagement, for every class joined and finished a meal will be donated to an affiliated charity.


Awareness for Mzansi Mealtime will be driven through the following ways:

• Social Media on the chefs platforms and Facebook ads

• On-pack communication should we partner with a food brand

• Community and commercial radio.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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