‘Paint’ the grounds we walk on

Submitted by: Annegret & Mpumi

Brief: Isolation

Original submission


Providing our communities with simple and effective tools for social distancing will be vital once we come out of lockdown.

Working with key brands and retailers, gastronomic, transport services and public spaces providing signs and symbols that speak of social distancing will bring alive easy ways to understand social distancing. These will compound in a powerful national model for such necessary prevention of spreading the virus across all communities in SA. It will empower South African’s to be proactive in protecting their health. The signs and symbols will act as reminders that we are all in this together to support each others health and the financial health of our SMEcommunities.


Engaging some of South Africa’s most exciting artists, illustrators and creatives we will ‘paint’ the grounds we walk on.

Inspired by the childhood hop scotch game and road illustrations, the creatives will design signs and symbols to be painted or embedded on the floors of public spaces, restaurants, malls, retail outlets or wherever necessary to show people the appropriate distances required for social distancing. The creatives will be commissioned for their creations and we will engage their teams and SME’s to implement the works.


We will create the cool-factor with these bespoke artworks by spreading them on social and by engaging the public with the works on a daily basis.


Tapping into the artist, illustrators, creative and influencer communities across SA, we will mobilise them to share their works across social media platforms. The artworks will become places for taking selfies and for creating memorable photos building a buzz across social media platforms. It will show the general public and the world that creativity in South Africa is vital and deep beyond traditions, arts and culture, but it is leadership for its communities during a global crisis.


It provides opportunity for big brands to engage with their audiences in a new ways with emphasis on empowering community and social impact. It provides opportunity to raise brand awareness engaging audiences in ways that are speaking to humanity. It provides opportunities for the brand to lead and empower local creatives, artists and SME's with exposure, new opportunities, networks and new markets during this changing economic time. It provides opportunity to align and empower local artists, creative and influencers to be part of a movement that is bigger than them, but for the health and wealth of South Africa’s people.

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