Submitted by: Harvard Letsoalo

Brief: Supplement Education

Original submission


In trying to come up with a creative solution to supplement learners’ education as well as keep them stimulated, while also paying special attention to those who might not have access to the internet, I had to look at the various means available to us which would enable us to meet learners wherever there are.

To do this effectively, I had to place the learners at the centre of the solution and aim to target them through all the communication mediums that are available to them(given their circumstances), while also heeding current regulation, namely that citizens stay at home.


The idea is to place educational content in community/local newspapers. These are usually delivered weekly to the individual homes or one can find them at the local shops etc. Community members generally know where to get these. The type of content to be placed in these newspapers could range from:

For the lower grades, activities to keep learners active:

Connect the dots, Math equations, Pictures to colour in, Fill in the verb/noun etc or whatever exercises that would stimulate learners

For the more advanced grades:

They could touch on topics covered in their curriculum:

i.e. Geography – Cyclones, structural land forms, global air circulation etc.

Biology – the reproductive system etc.

Science – Mechanics, Waves, Sound and Light etc.

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