Three and Me

Submitted by: Matchboxology

Brief: Isolation

Original submission


People want to feel connected in these strange new times.

They will use Facetime...WhatsApp...Zooom...Squad... House connect with their friends and family.

But it would be great if in this time of need we could find ways to connect to our shared humanity beyond our own little circles.


What if South Africans had a way to share the THREE WORDS that best describe how they feel each day.

For example, today I am feeling




A few days I was feeling




Would have been great to know how OTHER South Africans really felt on each of those days!


Three & Me:

The goal is to very quickly build a portal where people can send in the three words that describe how they are feeling each day.

So we build connections based on similarities of feelings. We feel more empathetic and connected with one another across our shared hardship in this crisis. Doesn't matter what language they use (in fact, this could be a good opportunity to collab with Everyday Zulu to teach us all other languages)

To be populated via Facebook or WhatsApp. It's a beautiful little idea for a brand looking to show it brings people together. Needs a big brand to pull this off.

Right now there are a million difficult realities we need to be helping with in our communities. But while we're doing so, we need to find ways to bring ourselves together when we're being forced to stay apart.

To bring this idea to life email us.

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