“Your mask protects me; my mask protects you”

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Brief: Isolation

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-Co-founders of Fast AI; Professional data scientist

-Served on the creative council

Firstly it is important to stop the spread of Covid-19.

People aren’t taking the covid-19 death rate seriously.

People are saying that masks don’t work.

Hospitals are asking for donations.

N95 masks, Surgical masks, Surgical masks with shield, Nasal swabs for medical use, Disinfectant, Handmade masks, Hand soap, Disposable gloves and gowns, Shoe covers etc.

Why would hospitals be asking for masks if they were not useful to the public?

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A campaign to get a message to drive a culture of wearing a mask as a sign of love for your fellow South African. This campaign will need to run until a vaccine programme is complete.

Messaging used in Russia- “your mask protects me; my mask protects you”


  1. Using proper statistics to create educational material about covid-19 and how it spreads (Data based on actual academic research).

  2. Make your own masks. Showing the public what kind of homemade masks could be effective in minimising the spread of covid-19. Homemade masks can be shared with others. (Example: Mask tree: hanging masks on a nearby tree inorder for your neighbors to take if they need)

  3. Encouraging the public to wear masks through social media campaigns and brand/celebrity endorsements. (Example: Politicians seen on tv wearing masks.)

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